Listen closely, and you can hear the sound

Of not a single person to be found

Once cars rumbled through roads

Subways thundered underground

Now the roads are empty, no one in sight

And for the first time, there is not a single headlight

Since long ago, when humans were new

And the plants and animals in peace grew

But as humans rose in power

We built our metal birds and many a glass tower

Shadows fell upon the once happy land

And humans turned green forests into nothing but desolate sand

But now, nature has struck back

For we are under an attack

So we shelter in our home

Roads empty, subways closed, ships stuck

It seems humanity is out of luck

Entire states are closed

As a lockdown is imposed

And birds sing in the clearest of air

For they have finally gotten their fair share

Humans are stuck in isolation

Barred from attending even the smallest celebration

The virus holds power over our lives

Our happiness it deprives

Left sitting at home

When earlier we could fly, swim, run, jump, or roam

A wicked gloom has settled in

As spiders weave the webs they spin

No one is able to grin

We are left sitting in our bed

Nothing to do, nowhere to go

The rivers are blocked, no more joy can flow

We are trapped in our own fear

Not only for us, but for friends and family too

The terror of someone you know being infected is sheer

For those with kids this is a terrible time

You are not only a parent, but now a teacher and friend

It feels like the tantrums will never end

You just have to hope and pray for bedtime

Fearful of the next tirade

Watching as once brown hair has now greyed


For us humans are a social bunch

We like to go out with someone to lunch

It does not do to stay in a house

Trapped in a room, feeling as small as a mouse

We want to move, stretch our legs

Not just drain our coffee to the dregs

We want to see the Sun

And have lots of outdoors fun

But the virus put a swift end to that

So now we have to stay at home

And wait for that dreaded curve to become flat

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