little black things

There are little black things at the beginning of the day

Little black things standing in my way

Little black shadows who decided to stay

Little black bits who encourage me to stray

From the path of good

From the path of light

To the path of eternal night

There are little black spots in my soul

Little black shadows making a hole

There are little black shadows in my mind

Taking away my feelings and making me blind

Little black shadows in the sun

Killing dreams and ruining fun

Of mercy they have none

Little black things in the night

Born from the new light

Little black worries that stop you from taking flight

Nasty little black things that bite

A scary sight

Something to instill fear

Something to cause a fright

They eat away

Until my mind is but mad

And all my feelings just sad

Until nothing can make me glad

Tormenting my soul

Gnawing it into a bottomless black hole

Destruction of me is their only goal

My sanity and peace of mind they stole

My hope

My light

Is all gone

And I will soon follow suit

All my passion has been struck moot

But then.

In the shadowy sky

When I am chained to the ground and lie

Unable to move

Unable to soar or fly

A single star glimmers on angel wings

Of hope and joy it sings

Of power and treasure greater than kings

And all I have to do

To join this star

Is to go backwards

To a time of peace

Where I worried not and joy never ceased

This world of the past I pieced

Things buried below the worry

The little black things are agitated now, they go in a flurry

Biting and clawing

Growling and pawing

Slashing and gnawing

But they are too late,

For I too, am in a hurry

Memories hidden beneath

Sodden on by despair and grief

I dust them off

And a weight on my shoulder easens

And gradually dissipates

For I have gone out of the house

I have shut the gates

The little black shadows cannot follow me

I am rushed away on a tidal wave on a shining sea

I have left the thunder and dark

I have left the shadowy night

I have flown up to the clouds unchained

I have flown up to the light.

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