Every night I dream of the stars

Of stellar unseen

Blue, red, yellow, white, never green

And the nebulae

They gather to show me the way

Circling planets at the edge of world

Lights and colours mixed and swirled

And is there a place

With no star

Somewhere far

A place devoid of any starlight

Just sitting in a cloud of night

What would it be like there?

Seeing nothing but black

Dark from front to back

From head to toe

A place with nothing to show

A place where no one will ever go

Lurking under shadow

And as I dream of space

Peace can be seen on my face

For I am dreaming of a wonderful place

Where every step takes a minute to the next

Where one can go flying above

Higher than any spaceship or any dove

Higher than the bounds of hate and love

I soar through the air

Free as I can see

Under icy rock and sandy sea

Who knew such a place would bond with me

And I can see the stars

Gimmering in greatness

What if one day I went to one

And touched it’s face

There’s Venus, Pluto, Mars!

And I can go to them

Because I’ll ride on starfall

All endings are great, big or small

From the supernova of the lifetime

To being caught after the greatest crime

Is there any point in dream?

Yes, for dream is nothing but a future none other have seen

And if you hear such a call

Heed it

It may be a rollercoaster, a waterfall

But the end would be great

And the future will not wait

So chase by the tail

Let your ship set sail

For there’s gold awaiting at the end of the rainbow

And the river will never end

It can only take a bend

Can never stop it’s flow

And so

I chased the stars

The journey has been long

I have felt hurted

But the reward has finally asserted

That I would have lost so much if I deserted

If I didn’t chase the stars

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